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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Richardson! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Richardson, TX. As a long established local animal control company, we work hard to deliver the best service possible for a competitive price in your situation. We are particularly proud of our consistent 5 star ratings that we receive on review websites such as Yelp and Google reviews, and we encourage all of our team to see how positively people view the work they do. It is also important to note that we always keep our licenses and commercial liability insurance up to date, to give you the peace of mind that you're dealing with a trustworthy company. Our experienced team of telephone agents are well versed in the work our technicians do, and can even offer free advice on the steps that our technicians will take, as well as offering a ballpark estimate of costs over the phone. Our goal is to get a technician to you with 24 hours, and this is often on the same day, so that they can start to deal with the animal infestation you're experiencing as soon as possible. We offer a full service from the removal of the animals through to repairing holes and wires that have been damaged, and also fully sanitizing any areas where the animals were active. Call us now at 469-663-2461 for your Richardson wildlife control needs.

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Richardson Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Do Texas Snakes Have the Ability to Jump?

A footage showing a snake in Lampang, Thailand striving to bite a cyclist by leaping so hard. This led to questions around the world; Can snakes jump? Is jumping an activity found in all snakes or in a few species? Whatever your opinion is, this article will discuss the details. 

The simple answer; no. Reptiles are not birds with wings. They are coldblooded Richardson animals with scaly-like bodies. Snakes can't jump, have never and will never. They, however, can raise a huge portion of their bodies off the ground. Certain movements may require fast movement. Actions such as striking or swinging their body may cause observers to think snakes jump. 

Snakes are known to be very speedy and agile. Snakes can be quite quick at leaping at prey allowing them to strike them with their sharp fangs. When charging so fast, it may appear to be jumping. However, here is what happens. Snakes can spring into a tight coil with their bodies. The contraction of the muscles is so tight which allows the snake to be in such a posture. This posture is quite useful to the snake as it is a great defense mechanism. No predator can come close without being struck by the snake.

In a moment, if the Texas predator keeps pestering, and the snake seems to be losing out, it attacks. The tight contracting muscles that were used in coiling now relaxes and another set of muscles allows a split second expansion. This quick outward and upward attack of the snake unsettles the predator. The table turns with the uninvited guest becoming the prey. This coil like stance is so quick that the snake is observed as springing.

All this while springing, the Richardson snake will never leave the ground, the snake only leaves the ground if its fangs get caught in the victim's body and is carried away. Please note, a snake doesn’t require the coil like stance to strike a prey. They can strike short positions at any posture. When a snake takes a long stroke, there is a large probability the attack will be unsuccessful. Venomous snakes are culprits here, they are known for misjudging attacks and misses prey. There are however few reported cases of some species of snakes. 

It has been reported that at the National Park of Washington has a placard which says “The Cobra De Paraguay, a cobra like snake, humps and clears the ground, a rare thing among snakes.”  The snake is the Jumping Viper of Central America. As described by Britannica encyclopedia it strikes so energetically that it may lift itself off the ground.

However, in the tropical rain forest in Sri Lanka and Southeastern region, some snakes are called flying snakes. Why?  Enhanced by a flattened rib cage, these Snakes can hang on tree branches and swing sideways in the air. This causes their bodies to gain enough air to glide I the year before crashing to the earth or another tree. They do not however have the buoyancy needed to fly in the air.